Spring is almost here and it's time to clean up Winter

Weather stone

Spring is coming and it's time to plan summer repairs.

Now the snow is gone it's time to see what havoc Mother Nature left for you.
Between the snow, ice,  and wind, it has been a rough winter. Now we can see what has been left behind in the yard and on the house. 

Sticks and leaves need to be raked up. The rocks and salt left by the plows need to be swept up. Get all debris away from the foundation since water is your biggest threat to the house. That's the simple stuff. 

Missing roof shingles, siding out of place, clogged gutters, missing gutter leaders, holes in blacktop are just some of the problems that need immediate addressing. these are simple repairs that can quickly become costly repairs if not addressed. Some a possible for the weekend warrior but others might need professional help. 

Hopefully, you can find a good handyman to do some levels of these repairs. But some require an expert.

Sometimes it's hard to find an expert willing to do small jobs. A good general contractor will let you know what the scope of work would be to correct the problem. 

You might find that some damage might need a replacement instead of repair.  Some damage might just be showing up as an underlying problem that was hidden before. Wood rot would not hold siding or flashing in place. 

Did you see all of the storybook-like icicles on the houses this year? Very pretty to look at but a sign of serious draining problems with your roof and gutters. Ice dams can ruin roofing shingles and gutters. Water expands when it freezes and can easily expand the materials around it like gutters and shingles. Leaving gaps to compromise waterproofing. You may need to address the underlying problems and the possible new damage.

Possible interior damage could have happened from this roofing issue that will need to be addressed by a contractor. After taking pictures and talking to your insurance give a contractor a call.

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